Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment can take many forms, two of which are Shamanic Journeying and Mindfulness Meditation. Both practices open the doors to profound mental and emotional landscapes, yet they offer unique approaches and outcomes for the practitioner.

Personal Experience with Shamanic Journeying

Experiences with shamanic journeying can vary widely, encompassing both solitary sessions at home with recorded guidance and immersive group activities led by a seasoned shaman. The excitement often lies in comparing these different methods of exploring the mind.

Similarity with Mindfulness Meditation

At their core, both shamanic journeying and mindfulness meditation require a certain degree of mental stability or non-distractedness, often referred to as “samadhi.” Breaking away from compulsive thinking is vital for any meaningful exploration of the mind in both practices.


Both practices necessitate a focused and stable mind as the foundation for deeper exploration, making it imperative to develop a practice that minimizes distractions and enhances mental clarity.

Requirement for Effectiveness

For both shamanic journeying and mindfulness meditation, it is crucial to break free from the cycle of compulsive thinking. This mental freedom allows for a more profound and authentic exploration of one’s inner world.

Core Differences Between Mindfulness Meditation and Shamanic Journeying

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is primarily concerned with understanding the nature of experience itself. Practitioners focus on the delineation between awareness and the objects of awareness.


In mindfulness meditation, the focus is on the nature of experience rather than the content. Practitioners observe their thoughts and feelings without engaging in their narrative.


The objective is to cultivate a sense of groundedness and intentionality by observing one’s spontaneous thoughts and feelings without becoming reactive or entangled in them.


Mindfulness practice involves paying attention to neutral objects, such as one’s breath, and noticing the nature of thoughts and feelings that arise, without following their storyline.


This practice leads to less reactivity, greater groundedness, and improved intentionality in one’s actions and decisions.


It’s akin to observing a deer in a field—paying attention to its presence and nature without trying to control or analyze its behavior.

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Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic journeying, on the other hand, is deeply interested in the content of experience. It involves following the storyline and engaging with the subconscious mind more directly.


The focus here is on the imagery, narratives, and spontaneous thoughts, feelings, and sensations that arise during the journey.


Shamanic journeying usually begins with a prompt, such as exploring an underground tunnel, and involves allowing the imagination to guide the way without analytical interference.


Practitioners actively engage with the storyline, leading to a rich, narrative-driven exploration of their subconscious.


This direct engagement often yields profound insights into one’s inner world, providing clarity on meaning, purpose, and direction in life.


Such journeys can act as a powerful and intuitive form of therapy, revealing deep truths and personal guidance.

Benefits of Both Practices

Both mindfulness meditation and shamanic journeying offer unique advantages, each endowed with its distinct ‘superpowers’ for mind exploration.

Unique Superpowers

Mindfulness meditation fosters a state of less reactivity and greater intentionality by observing the nature of thoughts and feelings. Shamanic journeying, conversely, engages with the subconscious to offer profound personal insights and guidance.

Mindfulness Superpowers

The practice hones the ability to observe and understand the nature of one’s thoughts and feelings without becoming entangled in their storyline, leading to a more intentional and grounded way of being.

Shamanic Journeying Superpowers

This method offers direct engagement with subconscious content, enabling profound insights and personal growth through rich, guided narratives and imagery.

Exploring the intricate landscapes of the mind through mindfulness meditation and shamanic journeying not only enhances mental clarity and emotional stability but also provides a deeper understanding of one’s inner self, promoting a more intentional and fulfilled life.

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